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For over 55 years

Joint Apprenticeship Trust Local 5 has been dedicated to assisting Apprentices and Pre-Apprentices in securing employment in the Industry and strive to provide well trained men and women in the workplace in Construction.

Western Insulation Contractor Association (WICA)

Western Insulation Contractor Association is a clearing house of information for contractors to register their opinions and concerns and is a resource for standards regulations and other related information. WICA is available to all union insulation companies that are active in the Mechanical Insulation Industry.


We are dedicated professional looking to bring-up a new generation of creative thinkers to the construction industry.

The Joint Apprenticeship Committee

Our Team

Lupe MorenoAdministator and Training Director

Became an Insulator in 1975 and has worked on numerous jobsites such as power plants, Commercial, Industrial, and refineries. After working as an Insulator for more than 30 years Mike decided to run as Business Agent in 2013 and continues to hold that positon today.

Michael PattersonTrustee since 2013

Became an Insulator in 2002 and in 2006 became the Organizer of the Local which he still currently holds. Vidal has over ten years in the trade as an insulator as well working with our Compliance department.

Vidal ArceTrustee since 2012
Trustee since 2007

Became an Insulator in 1984 and is the now the Labor Superintendent for Performance Contracting Inc.

Terry Baptista

Darren Salcido, became an insulator in 1998. He is currently the Labor superintendent for Performance Contracting, Inc. San Diego Marine Division, and became a trustee on January 1, 2017.

Darren SalcidoTrustee on 2017

Became an Insulator in 1999 and was an Apprenticeship Instructor from 2009 – 2015. Luis currently holds the position of Labor Superintendent for Farwest Insulation commercial side.

Luis Cuevas Trustee since 2015


Caesar Ramirez

Became an Insulator in 1959 with over 50 years in the trade he is the Full time instructor for the Apprenticeship and Abatement training program. Caesar has been an Instructor for the program since 1995.

Sal Romero

Became an Insulator in 1998 and is one of the Instructors for Apprentices and Pre Apprentice training classes. Currently his is the Instructor or 1st and 2nd year apprentices. Salvador has been an Instructor for the program since 2005.

Shaun Fujishige

Became an Insulator in 2008 and is currently our 4th year Apprentice Instructor. Shaun has been an Instructor for the program since 2013.

Daniel Ruiz

Became an Insulator in 2013 and is one of the newest Instructors for the 1st year apprentices. Daniel has been an Instructor since May 2016.

Travis Lopez

Became an Insulator in 2011 and was chosen as a competitor for local for the Western States Competition. Travis has been an Instructor since May 2016.


Daisy Lopez
Selena Macias
Veronica Garcia